About Me

About Bonnie

At an early age, I was taught by my mother on how to sew. I remember the day my mother brought home the sewing machine and the sewing cabinet . The cabinet was an important item in sewing back then we had limited space in our home and the cabinet and the sewing machine would allow us to put the machine away when not in use. My projects were somewhat beginners, however in a short period I was making my mom skirts and easy dresses which she wore with pride. I know that because of the big smile that showed as she put them on. As the old saying goes, she would grin from “ear to ear”.

The library was my source of reading material on the subject of sewing. It was there that I learned more about sewing than I could ever imagine. As a young child, I would love to bring home a new library book on this subject. We had sewing in school at the time. That was a great help to me.

Sewing for the prom was exciting. I would check the local malls to see what was in fashion , and then run to the fabric store to purchase my pattern and material. I would proceed to make the garment that I would wear for my special event.

As years went by the internet came into play, now the world was at my fingertips for the sewing information . I could look up and learn even more. High school ended , the working world came into play and I continued to make clothing for work and clothing for my children. It seemed I always was in the fashion setting.

I took on a new career a few years back, working for a sewing company in which I taught classes and then decided there were people that would and are interested in sewing. They however may not have the time to read up on the subject and that is when I felt my skills could be greatly appreciated.

For this reason, I have opened my website in the hopes that I will be able to help others find the skill and for those that have sewn prior to rebuild the skills that have been placed aside. I have helped several students work on their fashion portfolio’s for university and college.

I have lived in Mississauga all my life. I now have a home studio where I conduct sewing classes for beginners, intermediate and advance sewers. I hope that you will fall into one of these categories and we will see you in my next class.

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